DTG Printing:

These machines use ink jet technology that prints on many garments in high quality color directly from a computer. These machines can print on light and dark garments.

Please email your design and quantity amount for DTG printing to receive a quote. There are no setup fees, and same day printing is available for smaller orders (rush fee applies).


DTG Print Features:

Super soft, no feel on white or light garments without underbase. Unlimited colors in design.

No setup fees

Up to 14in. x 16in. print area

Prints on 100% cotton garments. Prints on light and dark garments as well.


 Artwork Requirements:

File types: PDF sized to print, Transparent Background, or PNG EPS or other high quality version.

Resolution: Minimum 200 dpi, Preferred 300 dpi with image at correct print size

Bottom line: Your image quality will determine the quality of your finished shirt.


DTG Print Policies:

DTG printing is intended to be completed on 100% cotton garments. If you are providing garments that are not 100% cotton, we are in no way responsible (no refunds or reprints) for pre or post production errors such as garment reactions to pre -treatment or heavy fading after multiple washes.

 If you choose to use self-supplied garments, we highly recommend completing a sample product before approving an order.

DTG items are pre-treated with a chemical that may cause reactions on certain fabrics

There is a 2-5% expected fade rate after first couple of washes


DTG works best on 100% cotton materials



Each design is different, so we cannot give a strtaight quote without first seeing the design and getting the size of it, and choosing the garment. Most white shirts with one sided print range from $10-$15 dollars. Adding a full back design, or a front logo will pull the price up to $16-$25.  Dark shirts which require pretreat range from $16-$25.



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